Traffic Tickets

Have you just received a traffic citation? Do you know what effect it is going to have on your license? Do you know how much a traffic conviction can affect your insurance rates? Are you confident enough to ignore a citation or think you can defend yourself if it comes to a court appearance? Think carefully about the answers to those questions. Our traffic ticket attorneys know North Carolina’s traffic rules inside out and have had years of practice defending drivers against tickets which they should never have been given. We can help you get a traffic ticket dismissed and help you keep your license. Contact a NorthPointe Law traffic ticket attorney if you need effective legal action against an unfair or unwarranted citation.

How our traffic ticket attorneys can help you

North Carolina’s traffic rules and the penalties for violating them are quite complex and it is not easy to make out exactly how an unchallenged ticket can affect your driving privileges. If you make an appointment with one of our attorneys you will be advised how your ticket will affect you and whether it is worth fighting. In most cases, except for offenses like parking violations, it is usually worth fighting a traffic citation. The chances are that you can get your ticket dismissed and it is unlikely that if you don’t succeed that it is going to harm you any more than if you had pleaded guilty in the first place.

Note that a minority of traffic tickets are much more serious. This includes DWI offenses, excessive speeding, reckless driving and a number of other offenses. This is especially true if it is not the first time you have been charged with either of these offenses or there are aggravating factors involved. It is highly unlikely that you will be able to represent yourself against a more serious traffic offense charge effectively and it would be in your interest to engage one of our experienced attorneys to defend you vigorously.

As for less important offenses, a traffic conviction may or may not affect you seriously. North Carolina operates a points system to discourage drivers from breaking traffic rules. If you commit an offense and are convicted for it, then it will mean points on your license. At some stage one more ticket can mean the loss of your driving privileges and the suspension or revocation of your license. You may also be requested to complete a driver improvement course. The points system depends on the seriousness of the offense and the type of driver license you have. If you hold a commercial driver license or you are a minor, you will be treated more severely than if you are an adult and have a non-commercial license.

DWLR – Driving Whiles License Revoked

If not properly handled, a DWLR can result in unnecessary high fines/fees and increased insurance rates. By hiring NorthPointe Law Group, you can be confident in knowing that your DWLR will be handled in the most cost effective way possible. Whether your license was revoked due to a missed court date (Failure to Appear), an unpaid traffic ticket (Failure to Comply), or something more serious, we will work to ensure that, if possible, not only will you get your license back, but you will do so as cheaply as possible. Our fees are $300 flat fee for a simple DWLR. If you have a more complicated DWLR (such as a revocation due to a DWI, we can discuss the fees).

All of these different factors will be explained to you carefully by an attorney if you choose to consult one. You will then be able to make a much more informed decision about whether you should consider fighting the ticket you have been given. Every situation is different and you may decide that it isn’t worth the expense, plead guilty and accept the consequences. Listen to the advice you get and make up your own mind.

How a traffic ticket attorney can help defend you against a serious traffic offense

Some traffic offenses are much more serious than others and can even result in imprisonment, much larger fines as well as license suspension or revocation. These offenses include DWI, excessive speeding and reckless driving amongst other offenses. DWI charges and how we can provide an effective legal defense is discussed elsewhere on this website.

Other serious offenses include

  • Erratic lane changes
  • Operating a commercial vehicle without a CDL
  • Operating a commercial vehicle without carrying a CDL with you
  • Operating a commercial vehicle in connection with a fatal accient or without proper endorsement
  • Following too close

Our attorneys will be able to explain carefully to you what exactly any one of these offenses could mean if you decide not to defend yourself and plead guilty or no contest to the citation.

Our attorneys have had many years experience with all types of serious traffic offenses and know whether you are in a good position to plead not guilty and will give you their opinion about your chances of success.

How an attorney can help with a less serious offense

Many traffic tickets do not involve a court appearance unless you plead not guilty to them. You can usually pay a fine online or in person if you decide that the charge is not worth defending. In most cases in this state, the fines will be somewhere between $15 and $250 depending on the offense. One feature of North Carolina traffic offense penalties is that there is a standard penalty system right across the state. That means that if you are caught speeding in one county you will face exactly the same penalties as in another county. The fines are all listed quite clearly on the DMV website.

Many traffic offenses involve more than just a fine. These sorts of offenses will result in points on your license and it is possible that you could have your license suspended or revoked immediately, too. The number of points you get if you plead guilty, or no contest or if you lose a challenge against the ticket depend on the offense. Also note that convictions that involve points will also be notified to your insurance company so you may face a rise in the insurance rate you have been paying. In many cases, the cost of increased insurance is more than the fine itself.

If you accumulate 7 points on your license then you will have to complete a state approved driver improvement course. If you accumulate 12 points on your license then it will be suspended for a prescribed period ranging from 60 days to 12 months. You can get 3 points off your license if you elect to take a driver improvement course.

All these different penalties will be explained to you carefully by our knowledgeable attorneys and they will also discuss with you the possible options you can take.

Basically, you will have the choice of pleading guilty or no contest and accepting the consequences (as explained to you by the attorney), seeking a plea bargain in order to reduce the penalty, or plead not guilty and elect to go to court. While you can represent yourself in court, if you have the time and confidence, one of our attorneys would be able to represent you instead and you will be much more likely to get a favorable hearing as the attorney will know exactly what to say in your defense.


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