Slip and Fall Accidents

Let us assure that the responsibility of your slip and fall accident falls and stays with the property owner, instead of you as a customer.

Slip and Fall AccidentsEvery day we go out for errands in public places. When we step into a place of business, we enter with the assumption there won’t be anything that can endanger us or cause us injury. That is because, in North Carolina, it is a property owner’s duty to exercise “ordinary care to keep in a reasonably safe condition those portions of its premises which it may expect will be used by its customers during business hours, and to give warning of hidden perils or unsafe conditions insofar as they can be ascertained by reasonable inspection and supervision.” Translation: owner must place a bright, yellow caution cone to warn customers of a puddle of water, splattered fruit, or spilled juice not yet cleaned up on aisle 4.

Unfortunately, these conditions are not always made apparent and cautioned by a property owner, resulting in slip and fall accidents. When this happens, you may find yourself meeting with a store manager, filing a report, and being offered to pay for any future medical expenses related to your fall. Perhaps the store manager will pass your information along to their insurance company, and now you are being hassled to sign off on a medical release.   Before you sign or release any documents in relation to your slip and fall accident, it is critical to have a legal professional analyze and discuss your options.

If you have suffered a slip and fall injury due to the negligence of a property owner in Huntersville, North Carolina, contact us at NorthPointe Law Group for a free consultation on what your next step should be.  As an invitee on a premise, there will be specific elements you must prove to receive your rightful compensation for relief from your slip and fall accident. You must prove the property owner either (1) negligently created the condition causing the injury or (2) negligently failed to correct the condition after actual or constructive notice of its existence.  The arguments mentioned are legal arguments and have many complexities; therefore, you should not go at these arguments alone.  Let our team at NorthPointe Law Group be your advocate to assure that the responsibility of the slip and fall accident falls and stays with the property owner, instead of you as a customer.