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Bankruptcy:  As a bankruptcy attorney in Huntersville NC, we understand that considering bankruptcy is a very difficult decision for many people.  It is often a weighing of options for how to move forward with one’s debts and assets.  NorthPointe Law offers free consultations to review one’s financial situation and to advise a person whether bankruptcy is the best option or if there may be better alternatives available to that individual or family.  Our attorneys will review with each client the difference between a Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, what the qualifications for each involve, including the median income and means test for Chapter 7, discussion of protecting and exempting assets, things not to do prior to filing bankruptcy, discussion of credit counseling and the Meeting of the Creditors as well as the impact of a bankruptcy filing on one’s credit.

If you live in Charlotte, NC, Huntersville, NC, and the greater Lake Norman area and are seeking to investigate your options, don’t wait. Those who seek legal counsel have on average much better outcomes than going at it alone. Contact us today for more information about bankruptcy law.

When you take advantage of our bankruptcy services in Huntersville, NC, we can help you determine if declaring bankruptcy is the best course of action.


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What kind of bankruptcy do I qualify for?

First we must see how you compare to North Carolina Median Income If your average monthly income for the past six months is below the state median for your size household, you meet the requirements of the “means test” (section 707(b)(2) of the bankruptcy code) to qualify for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Median Income standards effective April 1, 2012, through November 14, 2013, Median Income standards effective Nov 15, 2013, Monthly Annual Monthly Annual Persons in…

Do I Need To File For Bankruptcy?

You may not need to file for bankruptcy. Chapter 7 bankruptcy also called a personal bankrutpcy is the neutron bomb of debt management and asset protection. A Chapter 7 is quick (a few months), and quite complete when it comes to wiping out unsecured debt like credit card and medical debts. You may want to save it for when you really need it–you can use Chapter 7 bankruptcy only once every seven years. On the other hand, your particular combination of debt, income, and property may be a perfect fit for bankruptcy protection…





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