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We handle a wide range of different family law issues in the Mooresville, NC area.

Family Law in Mooresville, North CarolinaWhether you have decided to end your marriage or need assistance creating or amending a child support order, you can turn to us at Northpointe Law Group for assistance. We handle a wide range of different family law issues in the Mooresville, North Carolina, area, which include contested divorce orders, child custody arrangements, premarital and postnuptial agreements, and guardianship actions, and we are dedicated to ensuring that all of your legal needs are met.

Unlike other legal issues, family law situations are unique because they involve the family unit. Regardless of whether you need to draft a prenuptial agreement with our help or need legal guidance as you create a co-parenting agreement, these issues can be sensitive and emotionally difficult to work through. When you choose our law firm to guide you during this difficult time, you can rest assured that we will do everything we can to protect your best interests and ensure that you feel confident about the legal status of your situation at all times.

As a family law firm, we also recognize the importance of abiding by proper legal procedures and making sure all deadlines are met, so no delays or additional complications are created. During this time, it is our job to make your life easier.

At Northpointe Law Group, we look forward to meeting with you to discuss how we can help you with your divorce, child custody and visitation situation, or any other family law-related issue you are facing. To schedule a free consultation, contact our law firm today.





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