Divorce Mediation, Huntersville, NC

Divorce mediation can save you time, money and stress in Huntersville.

Divorce Mediation in Huntersville, North Carolina
If you are separated or divorcing in Huntersville, North Carolina, you may want to consider divorce mediation. Divorce mediation can save you time, money and stress compared to taking a child custody or divorce proceeding to court. It can be less stressful, as there is not a judge or jury deciding things. It can occur at any time, so even if court proceedings have started, it is not too late for divorce mediation.

Here at NorthPointe Law Group, we have experience being an unbiased third party in mediation situations. Our goal is to help find resolutions to your specific situations. We may ask questions to better understand the situation, as well as to find overlooked or avoided details. Our job is not to judge the circumstances, but to help you reach an agreement that you are both comfortable with. Our goal is to help you find common ground.

We understand that your trust is crucial for a successful divorce mediation. We want to do everything we can to help you part ways respectfully. If you have children together, we will work with you to create a long-term child custody and parenting plan that will hopefully inform your decision-making for years to come. The end of a marriage is always a challenging time, but with our divorce mediation services, our goal is to help you and your spouse communicate effectively and reach an amicable agreement.

If divorce mediation sounds like a viable option for you and your family, give us a call at NorthPointe Law Group, and we can discuss your unique situation and needs today.

Divorce Mediation