Absolution of Divorce, Huntersville, NC

If you are ready to file for absolution of divorce in Huntersville, we can help.

Absolution of Divorce in Huntersville, North Carolina
If you are going through a separation and considering divorce, we understand that you are facing a challenging time and want to make your next steps as simple as possible. When you call us at NorthPointe Law Group, we can advise you about a full range of legal needs, including absolution of divorce. The good news is that the absolution of divorce process in Huntersville, North Carolina is fairly straightforward under North Carolina law. Neither party must prove wrongdoing, and often, if you have legal representation preparing your case, you will not have to appear in court on a specific date.

The absolution of divorce process is simplified if the following circumstances are true:

  • You have lived separately from your spouse for 12 or more months.
  • One party has intentions that this trial separation will be permanent.
  • You file a complaint with any NC court stating this intention.

Once the 12-month separation period has passed and the official complaint has been filed in court, it usually takes 60-90 days for the absolution of divorce to be granted. Here at NorthPointe Law Group, we handle all types of divorce situations, so if you find yourself in a more complex situation that requires separation agreements or custody and child support decisions, we can comprehensively care for all your legal needs.

We also offer services in other areas of law, including DWI/DUI, traffic tickets, bankruptcy, estate planning and real estate. We provide personal care to our clients and even offer educational seminars on a variety of topics because we what you to understand how the law affects you and your loved ones. So whatever your legal needs are, give us a call today.

Absolution of Divorce
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