Powers of Attorney, Huntersville, NC

We highly recommend that all residents of Huntersville include financial and healthcare powers of attorney in their estate.

Powers of Attorney in Huntersville, North Carolina

Depending on the needs and situation of the client, estate plans vary greatly. However, most estate plans include some basic tenets, including powers of attorney. At NorthPointe Law Group, we highly recommend that all residents of Huntersville, North Carolina include financial and healthcare powers of attorney in their estate plan to ensure they effectively preserve their wishes if they were ever to become unable to manage their own affairs.

Healthcare and financial powers of attorney, while they essentially serve the same basic purpose, are two very different estate planning tools. For example, a financial power of attorney is a critical aspect of any estate plan and is referred to as a “life document.” These documents only need to be used during a person’s lifetime and can be used frequently depending on need.

Comparatively, healthcare powers of attorney state who can make medical decisions on behalf of another person. This type of legal documentation proves invaluable when clarifying who is to make medical decisions for a patient who cannot make them for themselves due to incapacity. This type of power of attorney is important for helping medical facilities avoid the conflicting decisions of family members.

Here at NorthPointe Law Group, we can help you draft powers of attorney, so you can effectively protect your best financial and medical interests in the event of incapacitation. For more information about these important legal tools or to schedule an initial consultation with our firm, reach out to us today.

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