Probate Law, Concord, NC

We would be more than happy to provide further information about probate law here in Concord.

Probate Law in Concord, North Carolina

In the world of estate planning, probate law is not viewed positively, and many people are highly concerned with how to avoid it. While many people will agree that it is a good idea to avoid probate, it is beneficial to understand how probate works, so you can establish the best plan for your estate as you develop it. At NorthPointe Law Group, we are here to help you understand the nuances of probate law and solidify an estate plan that promotes your best interests and personal wishes.

Probate is a standard legal process that deals with a person’s assets and debts after they pass away. The process is, by default, always supervised by the court, and many aspects of estate administration may be covered. For example, probate can prove that, if a will exists, it is valid and all applicable debts and taxes on the estate get paid. Probate can also identify heirs and relatives, distribute assets included in the will to the rightful heirs, and determine which assets are included in the estate.

For most estates, probate begins after the deceased person’s executor goes to the probate court and submits an application for letters and a death certificate. After the court formally closes the estate, the probate process officially ends.

We would be more than happy to provide further information about probate law here in Concord, North Carolina. To schedule your first consultation with our legal team, contact us at NorthPointe Law Group today.

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