Certified MediatorIf you and your spouse decide to mediate your divorce, you will work with a certified mediator to come to agreements on divorce-related issues outside of court. At Northpointe Law Group, we believe that working with a certified mediator from our team can be beneficial because:

•  It may benefit your children. Often, the mediation process is less contentious than litigating issues in a court of law. This is because spouses are required to collaboratively come up with solutions together.

•  The issues you want to go over are addressed. If you want to talk about a certain issue while you and your spouse mediate your divorce, you can. You can also set up appointments that work well with your schedule, instead of relying on when the court schedules you to appear.

•  It can preserve post-divorce relationships. Since couples are required to talk about issues with each other while mediating their divorce, they often find that their post-divorce relationship is preserved. This can be beneficial if you need to share custody of your children with your former spouse following the dissolution of your marriage.

•  The process is confidential. Any notes, evidence, or documents that are presented during the mediation process are considered to be private and secure information.

Keep in mind that although working with a certified mediator to resolve your divorce can be beneficial for many different reasons, it is not the right choice for every couple. If you want to know if you should mediate or litigate your upcoming divorce, contact us at Northpointe Law Group today.