Real Estate ClosingBuying a new home is exciting, and the real estate closing process is the last thing that stands between you and getting the keys to your new house. To ensure the real estate closing process goes smoothly and ownership does not get delayed, there are several things you should bring with you to the appointment:

  • Everyone listed on the purchase documents should bring a government-issued photo I.D., like a driver’s license.
  • You should bring a cashier’s check or certified check with you for any closing costs you owe. This should be made out to the closing company or law firm. Amounts over $500 should be sent via wire.
  • Any paperwork or outstanding documents you have not given to the mortgage loan officer or title loan company should be brought to closing.

During the closing process, you and the sellers of the home will sit at the closing table. An agent from the firm will conduct the closing process and act as a guide during the meeting. Know that closing on a home requires multiple signatures on many legal documents to successfully transfer ownership of the home.

Many of the documents signed at a real estate closing contain intricate legal jargon that may not be easily understood, especially during a fast-paced closing. As attorneys, we ensure that not only the sale goes smoothly, but also that your best interests are protected.