Traffic Law

Car accidents are the leading killer of teenagers in the United States. If you are a parent of a teenage driver, you may be concerned about your teen getting their license and driving on their own because of the many opportunities for them to have an accident. However, there are several things you can do as a parent to review important traffic law requirements and influence your teen to be a safe driver, including:

  • Making sure your teen practices. One of the leading causes of car accidents among teenagers is inexperience. Before your teen starts driving on their own, make sure to consistently review current traffic law and give them plenty of practice in various driving situations. Even if they already have a license, that doesn’t mean you have to let them go out on their own if you feel they aren’t ready.
  • Setting rules. Set specific rules for your teen with consequences. For example, you should implement a no-tolerance policy for texting while driving, having distractions in the car, etc. Make sure that you openly discuss these rules with your teen and why they are so necessary. Being willing to communicate about these guidelines with your teen will help ensure that they actually abide by them.
  • Remembering that the risk never goes away. Even if your teen has gone through a driver’s education course and follows the driving rules you lay out, they are still at risk for getting involved in a car accident. It never hurts to review current traffic laws and proper driving procedures on a regular basis. You can encourage your teen to practice safe driving behaviors at all times and take note if they have become lax in their attention to driving safely.

In addition to these guidelines, keep in mind that your teen will likely mimic your driving behaviors. To set a good example for your teen, always wear your seatbelt, refrain from using your cellphone while driving, and abide by all of the traffic laws in your city.

If your teen does become involved in a traffic accident, you can always contact us at NorthPointe Law Group for assistance with your case.