If you recently purchased a home, you may want to have your agent there with you during the real estate closing. However, you should also plan on bringing an attorney from our team at NorthPointe Law Group along with you for several reasons.

Three Reasons to Bring an Attorney with You to Your Real Estate Closing

  • Legal Language – Real estate contracts often contain legal jargon that can be complicated and difficult to understand. Not only will the attorney you bring with you from our firm ensure that all of these important documents are handled according to the law, but they will also be able to explain to you the full meaning of these contracts before you sign.

Family Law

  • Assistance Settling Disputes- While it may seem like the real estate closing for your home is merely a formality, disputes may still arise over the time of possession, sale price, or any personal property staying in the home. If any issues come up during the closing, the attorney attending from our firm will be able to settle these disagreements before the sale is finalized.
  • Answers to Your Questions- Although your real estate agent will likely be able to answer the majority of questions that arise during the real estate closing, questions may come up that they are not able to provide an answer to– specifically those questions that involve the law. Having one of our attorneys present will ensure that you are able to receive information immediately without having to delay the closing.

Whatever you do, don’t go into the real estate closing process alone. Instead, turn to us at NorthPointe Law Group if you have an upcoming real estate closing you would like us to attend.