Motor Vehicle AccidentsMotor vehicle accidents happen every single day, and some are more serious than others. While a minor fender bender might not warrant the assistance of our office, there are three situations that can arise following a car accident that definitely require the attention of an experienced attorney.

•   Refusal to Pay- Following some motor vehicle accidents, the opposing insurance company will not make a fair settlement offer or any offer at all. Keep in mind that even if an insurance company will not pay, this does not necessarily mean a dispute about who is at fault for the accident exists.

•   Serious Injuries- If you suffered any type of personal injury in a car accident, you may need the assistance of our office to ensure your rights to fair and proper compensation are protected. Typically, how severe your injuries are from a legal standpoint is based on the type of injury you sustained, how long it will take you to recover, and the cost of medical bills you will incur for treating the injury.

•   Disputed Liability- In some motor vehicle accidents, it is not entirely clear which driver was at fault for the accident. When an opposing insurance company refuses to provide a settlement on the basis that you do not have enough evidence to prove you are not at fault, you need to turn to our office for help. Our purpose during the process will be to collect enough evidence to establish you were not at fault, so you receive a fair settlement.