Mediation is a process used to informally settle disputes, and can be used for a wide variety of applications, including family law matters. A mediator is a trained third party who serves to oversee the process, helping to facilitate conversation and negotiation so that a mutually beneficial solution can be reached. There are a number of ways mediation can be useful in family law matters, especially in relation to custody issues.

Family Law: Practical Uses for Mediation in Child Custody Matters

Benefits of Mediation for Child Custody Issues

Custody battles can become nasty very quickly, especially if both parties feel as if they have the right to full custody. Unfortunately, when custody battles become volatile, it can have a negative impact on the child. Hiring a mediator can help to keep the conversation flowing in a positive manner, to ensure that the child’s needs remain the top priority in the decision. Mediation for custody issues is particularly beneficial in divorce situations. During a divorce, both parties are concerned about getting what they feel they deserve, and custody of the child sometimes becomes just another argument or battle to be won. A mediator can help to steer the conversation in a more positive direction, driving toward a mutually beneficial decision.
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Not only can mediation during a custody battle be beneficial for the parents; it can also be very helpful for the child. Asking a child to choose which parent he or she would prefer to live with can cause the child a great deal of stress—the child may feel loyalty toward both parents, so asking the child to make the decision might be unfair. Involving a mediator in the process will help to ensure that your child feels safe enough to express their feelings honestly, and it will also help them feel as if they have a say in decisions that affect their life.

Another aspect of custody that may benefit from mediation is the issue of child support. If you have gone through a nasty divorce or your spouse is unreliable, you may find yourself in a courtroom, fighting to get the child support you need. Situations like this can quickly become volatile, but hiring a mediator can help keep the process fair and civil. Using a mediator can help to keep things moving, ensuring that fair and equitable decisions are being made.

If you are facing a legal family matter, you may want to consider hiring a mediator. Matters of family can become heated and, when that happens, negotiations often stall out. To ensure that your family law matters go smoothly, bring a mediator on board to help keep the conversation moving.