Getting involved in a child custody battle can be one of the most frustrating and emotionally draining aspects of the divorce process. If you are worried about how your time with your children will be affected after a child custody plan is awarded, as your child custody lawyer, we strongly recommend:

Tips from Your Child Custody Lawyer: How to Prepare for a Child Custody Battle

Child Custody Lawyer

  • Recording the activities you perform with your children on a regular basis to show that you are continually involved in your children’s lives
  • Attending all of your children’s school-related activities, including school plays, musicals, assemblies, sporting events, and parent-teacher conferences
  • Becoming the parent who takes your children to their doctor and dentist appointments to prove that you are heavily involved in securing their physical health and well-being.
  • Fostering your children’s involvement in family and church activities to prove that you care about your children’s moral upbringing
  • Taking you children on vacations and special outings to show that you care about spending quality time with them and capturing these events on camera

While you need to emphasize that you are a good parent, as your child custody lawyer, we may also ask you to collect information that emphasizes your ability to provide financially for your children. When you turn to a child custody lawyer from our firm, we may require you to provide us with copies of your tax returns, pay stubs, and other information that could help establish yourself as a financially stable parent. If you have any questions about how to successfully prepare for a child custody battle, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.