While many of us are responsible for the care of our loved ones as they get older, unfortunately, many elderly adults are victims of nursing home abuse. If you have elder care responsibilities and one of your loved ones lives in a nursing home, it is important that you are aware of the emotional, physical, and financial signs of nursing home abuse to protect your loved one from this threat.

  • Emotional Abuse- When an elderly person is the victim of emotional nursing home abuse, another person speaks to them in a way that causes them emotional distress and pain. This elder care abuse can take the form of ignoring the elderly person, intimidating them through yelling or threats, blaming them, and/or humiliating them in private or in front of others. Your loved one may be enduring emotional abuse if you witness threatening behavior from their caregiver(s), or if they seem afraid of or reluctant to interact with a member or members of the nursing home staff.
  • Physical Abuse- Physical abuse occurs when a caregiver treats an elderly person in a way that causes them physical pain. Your loved one may be the victim of physical abuse if they exhibit signs of unusual weight loss, unexplained bumps and bruises, or are left with untreated physical problems.
  • Financial Abuse- When an elderly person endures financial abuse, their funds or property are used improperly by their caregiver. An elderly person may be suffering from this type of abuse if there are significant withdrawals from their bank account, there are items missing from their room, their bills go unpaid even though there is a sufficient amount of funds to cover them, or there are sudden changes in their financial condition.

If you suspect that your elderly loved one is the victim of nursing home abuse, or you are looking for elder care solutions for your loved one, contact us at NorthPointe Law Group today. We can provide expert guidance so that you and your loved one are comfortable.