Estate PlanningOne of the most important parts of the estate planning process involves creating and solidifying your will. As you draft this critical legal document, it’s essential that you avoid including a few things in it to ensure that your desires are represented after you pass away.

1.  Funeral Instructions. In most cases, probate proceedings and settling an estate do not happen until after the funeral is over. For this reason, while you participate in the estate planning process, it’s best to avoid leaving instructions for your funeral in your will. Otherwise, your loved ones may be unaware of your wishes until it is too late.

2.  Gifts to Pets. Animals are legally unable to own property. As a result, if you leave property to one of your pets, they will not be able to possess it. Instead of leaving things to your pets, you may want to consider leaving your pet to someone you know who will provide it with loving care. To help with the costs associated with caring for your pet, you can leave this person money or property.

3.  Joint Tenancy Property. By law, if you own joint tenancy property, it will automatically go to the other person who owns it after you die. This occurs regardless of whether you included instructions for this property in your will.

If you’d like to make sure that your will is properly created during the estate planning process, reach out to us at Northpointe Law Group. We will provide you with trusted, compassionate service as you craft your will.