When you decide to file for bankruptcy, there are many requirements you have to meet and several steps you have to take to complete the process. Without our help as your bankruptcy lawyer, you may end up making a mistake that harms your financial situation instead of helping it. As a bankruptcy lawyer, there are several mistakes that we see people make when they choose not to work with an attorney, such as:

Common Mistakes People Make Without a Bankruptcy Lawyer

Bankruptcy Lawyer

  • Not actually needing to file—We encourage you to keep in mind that bankruptcy is just one of the many solutions available to you to handle overwhelming debt. When you turn to us, we will determine if filing bankruptcy is the right choice for your personal situation and help you understand its legal and financial implications.
  • Filing under the incorrect chapter—Both types of consumer bankruptcy, which include Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, treat property and debt differently. Additionally, not every person qualifies to file for either chapter.
  • Failing to file the right documents—Filing bankruptcy is a process that requires extensive amounts of documentation and the need to fill out multiple forms. If you choose not to turn to us as your bankruptcy lawyer and represent yourself during the process instead, you may end up missing an important step or filing incorrectly.

If you are thinking about filing bankruptcy because you are overwhelmed by debt, resist the urge to handle the process by yourself. Instead, turn to us at Northpointe Law Group for legal guidance and assistance throughout the duration of the process.