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Bankruptcy Law

bankruptcy attorney Huntersville, NCBankruptcy: Considering bankruptcy is a very difficult decision for many people. It is often a weighing of options for how to move forward with one’s debts and assets.

Family / Divorce Law

Family Divorce Attorney Huntersville NCDomestic/Family Law: As family units are ever changing and revolving, our attorneys work with many clients as they may encounter family law issues or require a divorce attorney.

Estate Planning

wills-trustEstate planning encompasses many products including last wills and testaments (“wills”), revocable living trusts (“living trusts”) and more.

Personal Injury Law

DUI-DWI-Law-Huntersville-NCWhen you are injured due to the negligence of another person, you might feel like life will never return to normal.

Real Estate Law

real-estate-law-huntersville-NCNorthpointe Law Group conducts both commercial and residential real estate closings, both purchases and refinances. we handle person-to-person sale/purchases, new home and builder purchases.

Traffic Tickets Law

traffic-tickets-charlotte-ncHave you just received a traffic citation? Do you know what effect it is going to have on your license? Do you know how much a traffic conviction can affect your insurance rates?

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